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Find out how to keep tabs on your phone with these handy tracking tips and apps

You can even add a recovery message or phone number to the lock screen to boost your chances of getting it back, or prompt your device to play a sound in the event it may be nearby.

How to Turn Off Location Services on Your Smartphone - Consumer Reports

Updated versions include support for indoor use to help you find your device in airports, malls, or other large buildings. If you own an iPhone you can use the Find My iPhone app. This feature has been a part of iOS since version 5, so no download is necessary. It works with iCloud — so you can easily access it through a browser or another iOS device — and the location of your missing device will show on a map, along with the option to show where it has recently been.

You can remotely lock the phone, display an emergency message, or erase stored data if the phone has been lost forever. Those with smartphones can use a number of different location-sharing apps to let you know where they are.

Facebook and Twitter both have location-aware check-in features, and Swarm has some pretty robust location-sharing features as well. However, we have a few more favorites for you to check out. Simply open Google Maps and tap the hamburger menu at the top left, then choose Location sharing and you can choose to share your location with people via the person icon with the plus sign at the top right.

You can choose to share your location for a limited period of time or until you turn the function off. Anyone you share your location with will see your icon on the map when they open Google Maps.

How to track a phone using Android or iOS

Google is constantly tweaking and improving this service and it has become a great resource over time. The app uses cell phone signal triangulation to find people and makes location sharing easy. If you and your companions use iPhones, you can use iMessage to share your location. The mom soon received a text from her daughter asking for help, so she contacted the state police and started tracking her iPhone using the locater app.

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When officials found the girl, she was bound and gagged with duct tape in a McDonald's parking lot over two hours away. Her ex was trying to leave the state with her, but thankfully the police arrested him and the girl is now safe. First, you will need their iCloud log-in or set up their phone on your own account. You can sign into iCloud by going into Settings and then tapping on iCloud. The feature comes standard on all iPhones. If you can't find it, swipe down and search for it instead.

Find out how to keep tabs on your phone with these handy tracking tips and apps

Maguire, a slight, year-old yoga instructor, did what a growing number of phone theft victims have done: She went to confront the thieves — and, to her surprise, got the phones back. Maguire said. With smartphone theft rampant, apps like Find My iPhone offer a new option for those desperate to recover their devices, allowing victims like Ms.


Maguire to act when the police will not. But the emergence of this kind of do-it-yourself justice — an unintended result of the proliferation of GPS tracking apps — has stirred worries among law enforcement officials that people are putting themselves in danger, taking disproportionate risks for the sake of an easily replaced item. Smartphones have become irresistibly delectable morsels for thieves. More than three million were stolen last year, according to a survey by Consumer Reports.

iPhones will share your exact location with 911

Since , cellphone thefts have risen more than 26 percent in Los Angeles; robberies involving phones were up 23 percent in San Francisco just last year. In New York City, more than 18 percent of all grand larcenies last year involved Apple products. While iPhones may be the most popular with thieves, apps that can track stolen phones using GPS are now available for most smartphones. And although pursuing a thief can occasionally end in triumph, it can also lead to violence, particularly because some people arm themselves — hammers are popular — while hunting for their stolen phones.

In San Diego, a construction worker who said his iPhone had been stolen at a reggae concert chased the pilferer and wound up in a fistfight on the beach that a police officer had to break up.

A New Jersey man ended up in custody himself after he used GPS technology to track his lost iPhone and attacked the wrong man, mistaking him for the thief. The officer, who asked that his name not be used for fear that civilians would follow his example, and his son used GPS to track the phone leaving the field. They got in the car and followed it — first to a mall, then to a nearby home.

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